Registered childminder in crawley offering childcare using hygge & the curiosity approach in a homely setting

Welcome to curious kids

Curious Kids is a childminder setting based in Bewbush Manor in Crawley, close to Kilnwood Vale, Pease Pottage & Horsham.

At Curious Kids we will use the Hygge & Curiosity Approach in a home from home enviroment using beautiful, authentic natural and loose parts resources. Resources that offer value to play along with an eagerness to explore, discover and figure things out. These approaches offer a purposeful and calm enviroment leading to higher levels of engagment. It embraces that every child is unique and is the centre of everything! Embracing these approaches ensures every child learns in a way that is hands on and encourages them to think and do!

We are fully registered with Ofsted.


Pronounced Hyoo-guh 

Hygge is about creating a space that promotes emotional wellbeing, togetherness & friendship.

It's a place children, can feel comfortable to snuggle down or explore with confidence. Far removed from an institutionalized sterile setting, hygge offers children within our setting a sense of security and well-being.

Curiosity approach


The Curiosity Approach® is a modern day approach to Early Childhood. It’s a beautiful recipe book of wonderful ingredients, carefully mixed together with experience, passion and a love of Early Childhood.

Read the Parents A-Z Of Curiosity Here.

A warm and cosy space


Curious Kids is a year round childminder setting Monday - Friday 7:30 - 17:30 open 51 week's a year.

We have a year round fully functional garden allowing the children to learn in all weathers and seasons.

What Our Families Say

The best childcare setting in the world 💫

Our 16-month-old daughter (“H”) attends Curious Kids every week. She hadn’t spent much time away from the family home, nor us, prior to coming so had some separation anxiety and we were concerned about how she’d take to being away from us. In addition to her separation anxiety, she also has hip dysplasia (DDH) and hypermobilty syndrome. She can’t support her body weight, so struggles standing and/or kneeling, and can’t walk. However she can sit unaided and gets around (pretty quickly!) by bum shuffling.

Claire took all of this in her stride from the offset when I told her about H’s mobility issues. In fact she immediately started thinking how she could adapt things in her home and garden in order to make it more accessible (and she had implemented all of these adaptations prior to H’s first day!)

Claire has also worked with us to carry out H’s physiotherapy to further encourage her mobility and independence. The love, commitment and support Claire and Bradley, her husband, show H truly knows no bounds.

H has flourished in just the few weeks she’s been at Curious Kids. Her vocabulary, curiosity, independence, mobility and confidence have all improved hugely, I can’t believe the difference in her in under a month and I put that down to The Flory’s coming into her life.

Curious Kids is a magical little place. We looked at so many childcare settings locally when looking for somewhere for Hi; from nurseries to childminders to nannies. I had become quite disheartened, prior to visiting Curious Kids, as I just couldn’t see how H could be supported enough anywhere that would actually enable her to be a happy, inquisitive toddler with plenty of social interaction, but also somewhere where she would be safe (with her mobility limitations), let alone a place that would make adequate adjustments for the fact that she wasn’t as able, mobility-wise, as other children her age.

However the second I stepped foot into Claire’s setting, I felt it. It was warm and safe and fun and inspiring. H could immediately access everything any other child could, no missing out or feeling different, and everywhere was a safe environment for her. It was absolutely full of wonderful things, not just your run-of-the-mill plastic toys…but a whole world of imagination and creativity for her.

And then we saw the garden and the sensory room, all just completely devoted to the children in her care and made to inspire curious, creative, and confident little minds. Every little thing was thought of and every member of The Flory Family (human and animal!) was not only supportive of the business, but actively wanted to be as involved with it as possible. They exuded such immense pride of Curious Kids and Claire’s vision and purpose, and rightly so!

I truly believe that H is the luckiest little girl in the world to be part of Curious Kids. My eldest daughter never had the opportunities I know H will have from childcare as Claire offers a utopia in her setting, one so different to every other childcare providers.

In just a few weeks, H has experienced so much; from day trips to the seaside, the SeaLife Centre and sensory rooms locally, to doing arts and crafts, playing with every toy you could possibly imagine, gaining a wealth of valuable independence and communication skills, making some lovely new friends and just having her whole world opened up to every opportunity you could possibly imagine.

I thank my lucky stars every day for finding Claire, and Bradley. They are going to help our little girl thrive in every aspect of her life; their love, commitment, imagination, creativity and kindness knows no bounds, H loves them and I trust them implicitly.

Any child who attends Curious Kids has struck gold, there really is no better, more magical and more loving place to be.